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For me, composing and teaching go hand in hand. 

During over a quarter of a century of teaching, I have always enjoyed helping my students by creating original pieces for them to enjoy (whilst working on technique, often without realising!)

Having taught piano students at every level, I have seen the abilities of pianists at all stages of their musical journeys. I include different pedagogical aspects in each piece to suit the skills of pianists at that particular level. 

At the early levels, 5-Note pieces, Beginner (Grade 0-1), Early Intermediate (Grade 2-3)
the pieces focus on:

  • Maintaining 5-note hand positions followed by changing hand position effectively

  • Building confidence lifting hands away from the keys. 

At the middle levels, Intermediate (Grade 4-5)the pieces begin working on:

  • Finger dexterity 

  • Strengthening 5th fingers

  • Exploring more expressive playing

The higher levels - Advanced Intermediate (Grade 6-7) and Advanced (Grade 8, Grade 8+) focus more on:

  • Balance 

  • Part-playing

  • Increasing stamina 

All levels also focus on:

  • Coordination

  • Rhythm

  • Intervallic recognition

  • Maintaining a consistent tempo

  • Chord placement


Piano pieces that will help you relax and recharge as you learn. 

Piano sheet music to help you escape the stresses of everyday life.

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Pedagogical piano pieces for a variety of events, seasons, and occasions. 

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