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I'm Catherine Wilson, a piano teacher based in Shropshire, England. 

When I'm not teaching, I'm still at the piano - composing and arranging pieces for my own students and students around the world. 

I compose from a teacher's perspective, including musical elements that students will enjoy playing but that will also help them progress as they learn new techniques. 

My Story

I have over 25 years experience teaching all ages and abilities and I'm passionate about helping people enrich their life with music.  

I believe that everyone can enjoy music on their own terms, regardless of how much time they have available to devote to practice.  

An alternative outlook on the quality of practice rather than quantity of practice has inspired me to compose pieces in a lyrical minimalist style.


Each self-contained piece contains a high element of repetition, meaning that the technical focus of the piece is practised numerous times (even when the piece is played from start to finish.)  

This helps reduce the amount of time needed to be spent repeating small sections over and over in order to master a piece.  

The lyrical aspect of the pieces encourages expressive playing - I love to hear each individual’s unique personality expressed through their own musicality.  

On completion of my Master’s Degree - specialising in composition and contemporary music - my ears had been opened to many different styles of music.


My preference, however, has always remained more rooted in popular styles and film music.


This is evident in my numerous piano arrangements of those genres, and also in my original compositions

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