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Do you make decisions with your head or your heart?

The other day, I made a decision with my heart that led to an inspirational moment. 

I was standing at the other end of my village and I had a choice:

Walk the direct route back down the main road (which takes about 20 minutes) 


Scenic route (time unknown) 

🌿 I decided to take the scenic route.


A question I was definitely asking myself as I was weaving my way through the overgrown public footpath! 

As I navigated my way through the 6 feet tall nettles, I considered my decision.  If I’d been thinking with my head, I would have taken the direct route.

I definitely wasn’t thinking with my head!  My heart had definitely taken over my decision making.

Being surrounded by nature can be incredibly restorative, and I think part of me knew that I would benefit from spending time in it that day. 

Wading through the flora and fauna, my ears were full of birdsong and my heart was full of music.

Then it struck me.

🎶Do I compose with my head or my heart?

To include pedagogical elements in my compositions, many decisions are probably made with my head.  The atmospheres I choose to create however I believe must come from my heart.

It’s not something I have considered before, but next time I compose a piece I’m going to make the conscious decision to take the more scenic route and see where my heart takes me!

(It took nearly an hour to walk the scenic route back, but it was worth every minute to be out in nature!)

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